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“God is in the transformation business. He is the only true hope for aimless, unsatisfying or messed-up lives and broken communities.”

Roy is a well-known international speaker and author. He is the founder of the global Local Houses of Prayer movement, and The Caleb Initiative.  Roy and Daphne help individuals and leaders become transformed in their spiritual walk with Jesus and with their effectiveness as change agents within their world, while honouring the uniqueness of every individual and temperament. Through Conferences, books, courses, webinars and video, Roy and Daphne equip leaders and disciples, an army of ordinary people, who want to grow in their destiny.

Roy’s new book

‘And I Will Bless Them'(David C Cook), is now available from your book supplier in most nations.

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The Blessings Course

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Word For The Month

Feed  your  spirit  by  reading  the  latest Word  for  the  Month,  and  receive  a blessing  from  Roy. There’s also opportunity to watch & listen too – click below for more.

Ministry Teaching

Our  new  ministry  YouTube  channel  will contain  video  shorts  and  full  length teaching  episodes.

“Declaring God’s good news about the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ.”  Acts 8:12

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