“Releasing the ministry of blessing as we teach and proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of
Jesus Christ.”

Roy is the Founder and Leader of Roy Godwin Ministries.

Roy and Daphne previously led a small, remote retreat centre in Wales for 20 years which became famous for a prolonged but extraordinary visitation by God. Thousands visited from around the world and many were healed and changed as they personally encountered the presence of the living Lord Jesus. Some of the testimonies are recorded in Roy’s books which can be found here.

Roy is also the founder of the Local Houses of Prayer movement which has now circled the globe.

As well as writing books, blogs and papers, Roy and Daphne speak internationally at Conferences and Leaders’ gatherings. Over the last few years they have spoken, between them, in each of the UK nations and in Norway, France, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the USA. Thousands have responded to the message of God’s word. More recently they find themselves speaking globally online, thanks to the wonder of zoom.

Roy met Daphne and in 2021 they will celebrate 50 years of life and ministry together. During that time, they have managed to raise a family, become proud grandparents, pioneer new works, spoken in homes, cathedrals, barns, multi-thousand venues and chapels as well as on radio and television. More recently most of their speaking ministry has been online.

Roy’s passion is to see an army of ordinary people rising up to live in the power of the revived, transformed lives and churches they long for and God dreams of.


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