We’ve been longing to tell you…



It’s been confirmed…


Roy Godwin’s much-awaited new book ‘And I Will Bless Them’ is to be simultaneously released in the UK, US and AUSTRALIA on 1st August 2023 and should become quickly available internationally.





Is God’s promise that He will bless those we bless, valid for today?


Going Deeper Sections for every topic take you further into the scriptures.


How do we bless individuals, communities, nations, and land?


Straightforward biblical investigation and practical templates show you how to do it.


Does blessing ‘work’?


Full of up-to-date testimonies to excite and encourage you.


What makes blessing effective?


Well, you need to read the book to find out more!


Internationally known Christian leaders in numerous nations highly recommend you read this book.

To pre-order in the UK, please click here. For pre-order in the US, please click here, and for Australia, here.

Born to Bless
Death and Judgement
Foundations of Prayer
Houses of Prayer

The God Who Is Love