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Calling Heaven Down to Earth

Jesus continually taught about the Kingdom of God which is not of this world, and he demonstrated it with power. When the disciples asked him to teach them how to pray, he responded with what we commonly call The Lord’s Prayer. In doing so he was training them to cry out to the Father for the breaking in of divine power and conviction wherever they were on earth. 

When his kingdom breaks in it does so with such overwhelming authority that wicked spiritual powers are overthrown and captives set free, blind eyes see, and Jesus is exalted. This simple dynamic framing gives you a model for praying in the way Jesus meant you to pray. Powerful warfare that changes everything. Download Calling Heaven Down to Earth

The Caleb Prayer for the Nations

The Caleb Prayer offers a straightforward aid for those who wish to pray regularly for the breaking in of God’s presence and power in a nation, region or place. Written by Roy Godwin many years ago as The Caleb Prayer for Wales, various nations and language groups adopted it as their own and it is now in use around the world. 

Download the Caleb Prayer for the Nations. May he hear your cry and send revival to where you are. 

Caleb Daily Reading Plan

This simple daily plan of Bible Readings will take you comfortably through the New Testament and book of Proverbs in 52 week, and the majority of Psalms about 3 times. A balanced diet. This composite plan started by Roy Godwin many years ago offers a simple and balanced daily diet. An undated plan, it allows you to start at any time in any year. Missed a week? Just restart from where you left off. 

You might notice that there are no Old Testament Readings in this plan. We recommend our resource ‘Planning to Read the Old Testament’ below as a helpful guide on how to start. Download The Caleb Daily Reading Plan.

Planning to Read the Old Testament

Reading the Old Testament is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. It is a complex volume of books, written with different styles and purposes. Some have tried reading it from the beginning and going straight through. Very few have succeeded. Others have attempted to read it in a year. It’s far longer than the New Testament so it entails reading a lot each day. What happens when you fall behind? It can seem impossible to catch up. So what to do? In this simple document you will find suggestions of how you might develop a plan that does not entail stress and guilt.  Download Planning to Read the Old Testament.

The Caleb Personal Declarations for Freedom

How often do we recite a Creed and give it our assent without connecting it to real life? Life is tough for most of us. If we ourselves are bound we may unintentionally bind other people. We need to be set free so that we can set others free. These simple but powerful declarations will help you step into spiritual freedom through the mighty name and power of the Lord Jesus.  Download the Caleb Personal Declarations for Freedom.

Caleb Evening Examen

Many Christians admit that they don’t know how to hear God’s voice. Is there any tool that can help us learn to become better attuned? The good news is that the simple, brief, daily exercise of Examen has helped disciples of Jesus do just that for many hundreds of years. 

Download the Caleb Evening Examen to help you grow in hearing and recognising his voice. 

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