How can we become God’s conduits for
blessing to those around us?



Building on the original Blessings Course, this new edition produced by the same team of Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts brings an improved flow of contents, an enhanced video experience (newly filmed), high quality colour Manuals, a dedicated helpline … it’s been well worth the wait.

The Blessings Course (new edition) is a 7-session course where understanding and experience flourish together. Working in a group session enables you to learn better, laugh together and rejoice together, practice together, making friends and deepening fellowship. It is preferably run weekly, but fortnightly is possible.

The Blessings Course is intensely practical. Key Subjects include:

  • THE GOD WHO BLESSES/ Grasping the goodness of God
  • BEING BLESSED/ Our Personal Discovery of Foundational Truth
  • CALLED TO BLESS/ The Priestly Role of Every Christian
  • BLESSING/ The Person in Front of Me
  • BLESSING/ The Land
  • BLESSING/ Areas, Regions, Nations
  • BLESSING/ A New Life and a New Community

By the end of the course you should expect to be more confident in your personal relationship with the Lord; enjoying the experience of his blessing on your life; and effective at blessing others through words as well as deeds.


“So often as Christians we have withdrawn limiting the blessing of God to the church, not realising the tremendous authority we have to bless those around us. Many doing the Blessings Course shared how their thinking was challenged and they now saw the impact blessing people and communities can release to them.
The Blessing Course has given us some vital keys in seeing our communities transformed by the power of God’s blessing. I would strongly recommend it anyone wanting to see their community impacted by the blessing of God.”

Phil Whitehead

Senior Pastor

“We are putting our teams through The Blessings Course”

A major international agency working in Asia

“We had our second Blessing Course session and it was a very deep experience for everyone. Your teaching was not only insightful but also led us to a deeper encounter of the presence of the Holy Spirit. The River is flowing!”

Mike Hey


A typical session would involve:

  • A welcome
  • A Scripture
  • A written prayer read together reflectively
  • Introduction to the video
  • A video of around 15 minutes
  • Opportunity to respond to the video
  • A question to consider
  • Some additional insights
  • Prayer, with opportunity to hear God speaking to you
  • A practical Plan of Action for the coming week

Although the best experience will be in a group setting, we have made provision for those individuals who are unable to join with others at this time.

It is essential that every participant has a Manual. Click the table below to choose your desired option.

Born to Bless
Death and Judgement
Foundations of Prayer
Houses of Prayer

The God Who Is Love