Having been delayed again and again by the Covid restrictions placed on people and churches, we are now thrilled to announce the release of The Blessings Course new edition within the UK. International availability will follow shortly. 

The Blessings Course is a 7-part course, with streaming video and manuals, designed to bring people into a strong relationship with the Lord, while teaching them about receiving blessing and speaking powerful blessings which release the work of God in people and places. It has been used by Churches, small groups and international agencies to great effect. God has been blessing The Blessings Course.

How is it different from the original?

Good question.

  • The video experience is far better, thanks to new equipment and an enhanced vimeo playback. 
  • The videos average a constant 15 minutes.
  • The order of material has changed to make the flow across 7 sessions far more natural, giving a greater sense of direction.
  • The manuals are designed in high class full colour print.
  • The course is straightforward to purchase with three bundle options to suit your need.
  • We are offering a dedicated helpline to be followed shortly by a closed forum for feedback, sharing and fellowship.

The Blessings Course is geared primarily towards group use. Some people have made commitments during the early sessions, making the point that non-believers can find a comfortable place in a group. We have also produced a bundle for individuals to do the course on their own.

Full information is available here

Abundant Blessings,

Born to Bless
Death and Judgement
Foundations of Prayer
Houses of Prayer

The God Who Is Love