Happy New Year!

Welcome to January’s Word for the Month, and a special welcome to anyone joining us for the first time.  May God bless you richly as you read on. At the end is a prayer and video blessing.

Let’s get right into some Good News.

It doesn’t look likely – it never has – but Peace is indeed coming to earth.
Peace isn’t coming on earth through politics, social structures, power plays, commerce, philosophy, or dry religion. No, peace on earth comes when Jesus, the Prince of Peace, returns.

For now, we have wars, rumours of wars, unbelievable cruelty of man towards man, dreadful suffering, natural disasters, grief, exploitation, injustice, and corruption. And it seems to get worse, just as Jesus said it would.

However, this is not the end of the story.

Jesus is coming a second time, and this will be a visible and shocking return. Not as a helpless babe, not hidden, but as the all-conquering king, and every eye will see his coming.

The Bible uses graphic language to word-paint the picture for us.

At the ascension, the angels asked the disciples why they were still looking up to the sky and told them that Jesus would return in the same way that he had been taken into heaven. Paul wrote that on that day, the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a mighty cry of command, a trumpet will sound, and the host of heaven will accompany him. The earth will be shaken, and demons will tremble in fear as their strongholds collapse and people and places are liberated. The dead in Christ will rise first.

Satan and all his hordes will have the sentence currently spoken against them carried out. Every enemy will be destroyed, including death itself.

Righteous judgment will be pronounced. Only faith in Jesus can save you. If you don’t know him, cry out in desperation to him right now: “Lord Jesus, save me”.

Every knee will bow and every tongue, ethnic group and nation confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

The heavens and the earth itself will be renewed, and heaven will come down so that heaven and the new earth are united under the rule of King Jesus, who, after his victory, will present all things to the Father as a love gift.

Peace will rule forever and ever. Amen

And guess what? YOU WILL BE THERE!

This is where you are headed as a believer in Jesus. Nothing can stop you. Your ultimate personal destiny is to live forever in the Kingdom of Peace, where the presence of Jesus is everything. In fact, he will shine so brightly that you won’t need the sun or moon again for light because he himself will be openly manifested as the Light of the World.

So take heart. Your future is glorious.
Why not ask the Prince of Peace to put renewed peace in your heart right now, remembering that it points to eternal peace to come for all who hold on to him? And should your grip should falter, remember – he is holding on to you and will never let go.


Lord Jesus, speed the day when you will return and unite all things under your feet. Let the glorious gospel of Peace fill and rule over all things. Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus!

Destroy all the powers and principalities that oppose you. Destroy death. Wipe every tear from our eyes and banish sin, sickness, and grief for eternity.

Lord Jesus, as I engage with this New Year, surrounded by the newscasts of war and of rumours of war, hold me steady. Fill me with your amazing gift of peace, which is not as the world gives. My eyes are fixed on you.

Jesus, you alone are Lord!

Amen and Amen.


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