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Word for the Month | March 2022

At a time of warfare in Europe, we have suspended the anticipated content so that we can put our attention where it needs to be for now – on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the threat to Europe and beyond.

There have been no instances of one European nation invading another since 1945, and we thought such dreadful and deadly conflicts were something to read about in History books. Now it is happening again.

There is so much to pray about.

Back in the 1790’s Britain was caught up in tensions and fears surrounding the French Revolution and its bloodshed. Groups were set up across Britain to repel any French invasion, and one of the major leaders of the revival in Wales, Howell Harris, joined the army to fight the French, urging others to emulate his action. John Wesley, that man of wisdom, took a different view. He urged Christians everywhere to kneel down and pray. The fact that the Revolution did not spread to Britain is attributed by many to the wave of urgent, consistent prayer that followed.

As this is being written, Vladimir Putin’s invasion is not going well. As usual he has responded by upping the stakes, implying that he is prepared to use nuclear weapons. Actually, he doesn’t have the personal power to do that. The army chiefs would need to participate in that decision. They are likely to be less committed to launching a world war than Putin seems to be.

Representatives from Russia and Ukraine are meeting on the border with Belarus to discuss disengagement. This at a time that Belarus itself is threatening to launch an attack on Ukraine.


Here are 15 pointers, but please ask the Holy Spirit to pray through you.

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

Romans 8:26 ESV

Please Pray…

  1. Please pray for an urgent ceasefire and an end to suffering and bloodshed.
  1. Please pray for those grieving on both sides of the conflict.
  1. Please pray for a restraining hand on Belarus.
  1. Please pray that Western leaders will demonstrate clearly and decisively that they can stand together against the aggressor.
  1. Please pray that Western leaders will receive extraordinary wisdom in how they act and how they speak.

  1. Please pray for the Ukrainian people, for their right to democratic freedom and a peaceful life.
  1. Please pray for the Ukrainian national leadership and for their safety.
  1. Please pray for the Church in Ukraine and its leaders.
  1. Please pray that the Russian people may see through the deception and lies of the state-controlled media.
  1. Please pray for the protection of the smaller eastern states who are former USSR satellites.

  1. Please pray for the protection of Moldova and Finland.
  1. Please pray that the Lord will hold President Putin to public account.
  1. Please pray that Putin’s dream of an empire will be broken by the overwhelming power of God’s kingdom purpose.
  1. Please pray for the failure of armed aggression of any kind in today’s world.
  1. Please pray for yourself and hold on to the goodness of God who will be with you through every moment of every coming day.


Heavenly Father, we ask for your sovereign power to be exerted over the nations. Your word says that the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain – while you laugh at them in derision. (1) O Lord our God, look at the forces of war that have broken out through Putin. May the plotting of the Kremlin fail utterly! O Lord, gird on your strength and go out like a mighty man, stirring up your zeal. Cry out, shout aloud, show yourself mighty. (2) Cause armed conflict to fail, wherever it raises its head.

Lord Jesus, speak peace into those who are grieving, and into our own hearts, as we are shaken and distressed.

Father, hasten the day of the Lord’s coming! Maranatha! (3) Thank you for the promise of an eternal kingdom of peace. Amen

(1) Psalm 2: 1-4 (2) Isaiah 42:13 (3) Revelation 22:20


Please share this Call to Prayer

with as many others as possible!

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