Life and death are found in the tongue. We can use words to bless or to curse.

It is likely that your own life has been impacted by words spoken to you, for good or ill.

Have you considered how you personally use words with others, and the affect they have?

Welcome to July 2021’s Word for the Month, and a special welcome to anyone joining us for the first time. May God bless you richly as you read on. At the end there is a link to a blessing on video.

One of the most powerful weapons ever put into the hands of man is – the human tongue! Our words, and the spirit in which we use them, can affirm, bless, raise up, give life, heal. Or curse, afflict, damage, kill, destroy.

Humankind can tame any creature under the sun, but who can tame the tongue? asks James in 3:7-8. Who can tame it indeed! But God…

I want to use words to tell a true story of hope for all of us.

It was a lovely afternoon, full of warm sunshine, when the stranger asked to speak with me. I was there and available, so, curious, went to the door to meet him. He grabbed my hand while promising not to keep me. ‘I just want to thank you for changing my life and saving my marriage’, he volunteered. That surprised me. I asked whether we had ever met before and he confirmed that we had not. Well, said I, in what way have I influenced your life or marriage? I fear you are giving me more credit than I could possibly deserve. Why don’t you tell me your story? And so, he did.

He explained that his life had not been a happy one. In the morning he would go down for his breakfast, dutifully prepared by his wife. He would always make snide remarks about her appearance and complain that his meal wasn’t as he wanted. When he arrived at work, he would gather men around him to complain of the way the bosses were missing opportunities and managing badly. After a while he would lose his job and, when he found another, he would again gather people and sow more trouble.

Then, remarkably, he heard the gospel and surrendered his life to King Jesus. He became a new creature, but his verbal practices did not change.  Only now he carried them into the local church, gathering people to complain about the pastor and leaders and saying how hopeless they were. Having been ejected, he found another congregation and there the pattern repeated; again, and again.

His life felt miserable. His home, work and church – all seemed hopeless to him. Then someone gave him a sample of teaching on blessing. He’d never heard of anything like that but thought he might just try it out.

In the morning he commented on the loveliness of his wife (which worried her and made her suspicious). When his workmates gathered around him, he spoke encouraging words about how well the bosses were doing in a tough economic downturn. Maybe they could look for ways to affirm them and support them better? He gathered people in the local church and explained that the pastor and leaders were doing a demanding job very well without enough support. Wouldn’t it be great if they all agreed to give thanks to the Lord for them every day and to pray for them?

A little later he realised that as he walked along the street and saw someone walking towards him, he would automatically bless them in Jesus’ name under his breath.

You see, he explained to me, everything has changed. My life is happy now. My wife is blessed and secure, I keep getting promoted at work, and have been given leadership responsibilities in my local church which definitely doesn’t want to eject me.

Then he finally said ‘my mouth is so full of blessing that I haven’t got time to curse anymore. I had lived as a cursing person for so many years without ever knowing it, but that’s all gone now. Jesus, and blessing, have changed everything.’

What had happened? 

His mouth changed and his heart responded. He had previously been born again but his life and particularly his mouth had yet to be converted. Engaging in blessing brought a dramatic conversion for him.

What we say matters. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21.

The tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God. Brethren, it ought not to be so. 

James 3: 6, 9, 10.

Seeking to retrain our mouth is not enough. To engage in blessing is to release a torrent of godly change in our own lives, a veritable school of conversion, whilst loosing untold benefit to those we engage with. How might we do that?

The new edition of The Blessings Course which is about to be released can show you how. It’s designed for group use. A series of 7 videos with a Leader’s guide and a handbook for each participant. We also have a separate pack for those who wish to do it individually, or as a couple. 

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Heavenly Father, you are a speaking God and through your word you created all things. Please speak to me, teaching, moulding and shaping me. Help me to have a mouth that speak life to those with whom I engage, that healing and hope might flow, and direct them more fully to you.

Touch my heart and shape it more like yours. 

Touch my eyes, that I might recognise the flow of love and blessing you direct toward me.

Blessing Video

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